Trees are an essential part of your landscape. It is important to choose the correct trees and place them accordingly. Some people choose trees for privacy, shade, to allow the sun to come through, and some just for fun. It is important you consult with a landscape professional before planting trees. You must position the trees correctly. You must take into consideration the depth and spacing to allow room for the roots to grow. There are various steps in selecting a healthy tree and providing follow-up care. You will want your tree to last its full life span. It is important you follow a few guidelines when selecting a tree for your home. In this section you can view some selections we recommend and what seems to be more popular and attractive:

Deciduous trees for shade (Spring Flowering):

  • Ornamental Cherry: Kwanzan (double pink flowers), Toshino, Autumnalis (spring and fall flowering), Mt. Fuji, Weeping Cherry

  • Ornamental Plum: (early bloomer) Thundercloud

  • Ornamental Pear: Aristrocrat (recommended storm resistant), Cleveland, Bradford

  • Deciduous Magnolia: Sweet Bay (tolerates wet soil) Star, Ballerina, Merrill

  • Golden Chain (hanging  yellow flowers)

  • Fringetree (yellow fall color)

  • Silverbell (attracts hummingbirds)

Deciduous trees (Summer Flowering):

  • Crape Myrtle: Natchez (white, attractive bark), Tuscarora (dark pink), Muskegee (lavender), etc.

  • Japanese Sterwartia (white, fragrant)

  • Kousa Dogwood (white)

Evergreen trees for shade:

  • Holly: American (red berries), Dragon Lady (small, pyramidal shape)

  • Yew: Capitata Yew (small, slow, pyramidal)

  • Hemlock (grows up to 60')

  • Cypress: Hinoki (small)

Evergreen trees for sun:

  • Holly: Nelly R. Stevens, American, Oakleaf holly, Foster, Green Leaf, Mary Nell (small), Dragon Lady Kasaab

  • Southern Magnolia: Brown Beauty, Little Gem (small, up to 25-30')

  • Cypress: Leyland (good for screening), Hinoki

  • Cryptomeria: Yoshino, Benjamin Franklin

  • Arbovitae: Emerald Green (narrow, up to 12-15', good for screening), Giant, Nigra

  • Cedar: Virginia, Blue Atlas, Weeping, etc.

  • Spruce: Blue, Blue Bakeria (small), Blue Colorado, Dwarf Alberta, Baby Blue Eyes

  • Juniper: Arrow, Wichita, Spearmint

  • Pine: White, White Fastigate, Scotch, Umbrella, Black, Virginia, etc.

Trees for wet soils:

  • Birch: Heritage, Jacqueline, European

  • Sweet Bay Magnolia

  • Weeping Willow: Golden

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